Game pitches

Feuds on a Map

A light weight 4X style game that tries to capture and combine the appeal of Risk and Catan. The board is modular to fit different player counts, and combined with a selection of available technologies to research this provides variability, replayability and the possibility of adjusting the expected level of conflict to suit different player groups. The basic action mechanism is dice drafting from your own pool, combined with straight forward rules for movement, exploration, area control, combat, resource production and construction.

2-5 players, 60 minutes

Knights of the Diamond Table

A fairly simpe area majority game with a twist to the movement rules that makes planning your expansion a challenge, and even more so predicting your opponents. Secret objective cards provide a combination of open and hidden scoring which means you can’t be sure who wins until everything is accounted for.

2-5 players, 30 minutes

Motley Dice

A solo puzzle game where you place dice on a grid, adhering to a set of restrictions. The dice make sure you can generate an almost infinite number of different puzzles. Different play modes for cooperative and competitive play if you want to enjoy with friends. Also included are the rules for 4 other simple dice games that you can play with the dice in the set.

1+ players, 10 minutes

Herd Immunity

A quick shuffle-and-deal trick taking game, where the real challenge lies in placing the cards you acquire in an intersecting and overlapping pattern. Try to score as few infection points as you can in four different diseases, but remember that the most wide spread disease across all players achieves Herd Immunity and does not count.

2-6 players, 15 minutes


Creatures in the form of rubber thimbles go through a metamorphosis of four stages. On your turn you simply exchange creatures between your hand and the table, but they always develop, and you must plan well to achieve the combinations needed in your hand to score points.

Green Box of Games

Game system in a box, with a wiki that counts well over 100 games that you may play with the included components. Most games have been created by the community following the release of the second edition on Kickstarter in 2017. It is now out of print, and I am looking for a publisher to bring a potential third edition out to a wider audience.

Any player count and any time frame

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